A La Carte Agreement Definition

What is a synonym, especially for business negotiations to describe additional services (z.B. the following services are offered à la carte:…)? The EU would still have a minimum number of common objectives. However, different countries would integrate at different levels (variable geometry) or at variable speeds (multigang). Europe is already a reality, some countries are part of the euro area and others are not. They are not included by default. Choose them individually from the menu – they are not part of the fixed dinner. These instant download rules designed by lawyers are for a simple copy and paste in your existing contract. These are not complete contracts, but help to strengthen existing contracts or make their own. This refers to the idea of a heterogeneous Method of European Integration which allows EU countries to choose policies as in a menu and to fully interfere in those policies. I love contracts! I love that they are so easy to adapt. I now feel permanently protected by the law!.