Physician Assistant Written Agreement Pennsylvania

c) inappropriate prescription. The attending physician must inform the patient immediately, notify the medical assistant and, in the event of a written prescription, inform the pharmacy if the medical assistant prescribes or delivers a medication inappropriately. The attending physician advises the patient and informs the physician`s assistant to stop using the medication and, in the case of a written prescription, the pharmacy to stop prescribing. The order to stop using the medication or prescription must be indicated in the patient`s medical record by the supervising physician. Treating physician – Any doctor identified by an agreement written as a physician who supervises a medical assistant. (d) The House may refuse, revoke or suspend the admission of a physician as a supervisory physician for the conduct prohibited by practitioners regulated by the Board of Directors in Section 41 of the Act. b) The written agreement is approved by the House as consistent with the provisions of subsection (a) and is consistent with the relevant provisions of the act and the provisions of this sub-chapter. (4) The supervisory physician must contract the patient`s file within 10 days. 5. The medical assistant and the supervisory physician immediately give access to the written agreement to anyone wishing to confirm the power of the medical assistant to prescribe or deliver a medicine. The written agreement must list the categories of drugs that the medical assistant cannot prescribe.

c) In the doctor`s office and on the surveillance physician`s sites, a clearly visible indication for patients must be highlighted, stating that a « medical assistant » is empowered to assist a physician in providing medical care and services. The monitoring doctor indicates the recording of the surveillance at the office. The medical assistant`s license must be prominently flagged in any place where the medical assistant provides services. If necessary, dual licenses can be obtained from the Board. Note that the online filing procedure for monitoring contracts only applies to the follow-up of medical applications. Written contract modification forms will continue to be sent through the manual paper process. 18.144. Responsibility of the primary supervisory physician. A primary supervisory physician performs the following tasks. The supervisor (c) failure to notify changes in employment or dismissal in the doctor-physician-assistance relationship is a basis for disciplinary action against the admission of the doctor, the supervision of the medical registration and the license of the medical assistant. b) The fee for the biennial registration of a medical assistance licence is set by the provisions of page 16.13 (with respect to licence, certification, examination and registration fees). (a) A medical assistant may execute a written or oral prescription for medical treatment or issue a written or oral prescription for the performance of a medical system by a physician under the conditions of this section.