Sample Supported Decision Making Agreement

All you have to do is understand what the agreement is all about. Sustained decision-making gains national recognition as an alternative to guardianship, which could affect thousands of Americans and their families. Four states have passed laws this year that define supported decision-making agreements as legally applicable rules. Since 2015, they have joined five other states in passing such laws. In a sustained decision-making model, people with disabilities – whose decision-making autonomy could be reduced or suppressed – make their own decisions in any set of informal agreements, with the help of trusted families and friends. A growing number of interest associations, social service organizations and public authorities are supporting the implementation of supported decision-making agreements by documenting and formalizing the process through sustained decision-making agreements. That`s a good idea. Combining an SDM agreement with these other alternatives will give support to the disabled person and more self-determination: understanding how the person makes decisions – for example, you allow extra time to respond to a person. The person with a disability may terminate the contract at any time before the end date.

Areas in which the person wishes assistance in decision-making The person with a disability consents to free will. Make the decision-making process accessible to the person with a disability based on their wishes and needs. This may include. B participation in events, role-playing games and/or individual interviews. Respect the person`s values, preferences and choices. Conversely, there are concerns about sustained laws on decision-making agreements, including: sustained decision-making laws and the latest government laws are likely to serve as models for future legislation, so it is important to assess whether these laws are effective in promoting sustained decisions – and helping people with disabilities make their own decisions. The person with a disability and any supporter must sign the SDM agreement. A notary must testify and sign it. People with limited decision-making capacity or people who need help making decisions can be misused and exploited.