Us Australia Visa Agreement

An E-3 applicant must meet academic and professional requirements, including, if applicable, licensing in Australia. In some cases, where a licence or other administrative authorization is required to meet the requirements outlined in the visa application, but that authorization or licence is not available before entry into the United States, the applicant must prove that he or she will obtain such a licence within a reasonable period of time after entering the United States. Not in general, because one of the requirements of the E-3 visa is that working in the United States requires a minimum of a bachelor`s degree in a specialized profession. Since very few business positions require financial statements, they are not suitable for the E-3 visa. The addict may apply at the same time as the principal applicant, but he or she can also apply separately once the principal applicant`s E-3 visa has been issued. The principal applicant is not required to be present during the creditor`s interrogation. Each dependant must apply for their own visa, but children under the age of 14 who are Australian nationals or who reside in Permanence australia are generally not required to attend a job interview. However.B, if you travel across the United States for a six-month stay in Canada, you cannot use the VWP because your total time is more than 90 days in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the surrounding islands. In this case, you should apply for a B-1/B-2 visit visa or transit visa. To qualify for an E-3 visa, you must prove that you: The United States does not de facto recognize relationships for immigration purposes. Therefore, the de facto partner cannot apply for the derived visa of the principal applicant, with the exception of limited cases in which official visas have been requested. The E-3 visa classification applies only to Australian nationals and their spouses and children. Major E-3 candidates must travel exclusively to the United States to work in a specialized occupation.

The spouse and children must not be Australian nationals. However, the United States does not recognize Facto`s immigration relationship, and to qualify as a spouse, you need a marriage certificate. This means that you must have 12 years of experience in the field in which you apply to work in this field. During their visa interviews, U.S. work visa applicants should be prepared to provide documents to present their work history, training and training. To meet VWP requirements upon arrival in the United States by air or sea, you must travel through a « signatory and signatory » who has signed an agreement guaranteeing U.S. transportation if you find yourself inadmissible or deported. Most commercial airlines departing from Australia for the United States are signatories.

A full list of signatories is available here. If the creditor is not a candidate in connection with the principal applicant, please provide a copy of page 1 out of 5 of the AIC and, if applicable, a copy of the principal applicants` last visa or if the applicant has obtained E-3 status in the United States, the I-797 authorization communication.