Wyoming Agreement State

Wayne Heli, CEO of Peninsula Energy, said the formalization of Agreement State`s status was good news for his company, which in December 2015 began operating under isL at its Lance Projects in Wyoming and embarked on a low-pH operation. By eliminating dual approvals by public and federal authorities, the State Agreement approach will lead to more effective regulatory processes for both the state of Wyoming and its uranium producers, he said. More information about the state agreement program and the application of the Wyoming Agreement can be found in frequently asked questions. NRC employees reviewed the proposed agreement, Wyoming Governor Mead`s certification and information supporting the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality uranium recovery program and Wyoming`s Office of the Attorney General. Based on this review, NRC concluded that Wyoming`s uranium recovery program meets the Section 274d criteria as well as the criteria set out in the Commission`s policy statement, « state and NRC guidance criteria for state recruitment and adoption by states of the NRC regulatory authority by way of agreement. » As noted above, the proposed agreement contains a provision that the State of Wyoming has until the end of the 2019 legislature to amend wyoming`s status section 35-11-2004 (c) to be compatible with Section 83b (A) of the AEA, or the agreement is terminated without further action by the NRC. The proposed agreement also explicitly states that NRC will reject any request from the State of Wyoming to terminate a license proposing to dismember ownership of the by-products and its disposal site between the state and the federal government. In accordance with the Commission`s instructions, verification of compatibility by NRC staff depends on wyoming`s review of Wyoming`s status, Section 35-11-2004 (c) in the next Parliament to be compatible with Section 83b (A) of the AEA. The program proposed by the State of Wyoming to regulate contractual documents, which consists of statutes, regulations, procedures and personnel, is consistent with the Commission`s program and is sufficient to protect public health and safety with respect to the materials covered by the proposed agreement. As a result, the proposed agreement meets the requirements of Section 274 of the EEA. NRC retains responsibility for each nuclear power plant, although there are currently none in Wyoming, as well as federal authorities that use certain radioactive materials in the state. Prior to the conclusion of the agreement, NRC found that Wyoming`s radiation control program was tailored to protect public health and public safety and was also consistent with nrc legislation.

The State will now be responsible for the authorisation, regime, inspection and execution of service activities necessary to regulate raw materials related to uranium or thorium milling operations, as well as for the disposal and disposal of milling waste. Fourteen uranium recovery licenses are now transferred to Wyomings jurisdiction. On April 26, 2018, NRC presented a second webinar presentation entitled « Update on the State of Wyoming Becoming an Agreement State. » 1) an update of Wyoming`s progress in last year`s application for agreement; 2) the status and actions taken in relation to certain existing uranium recovery licences under programmatic agreements and arrangements; and 3) the publication of the nrc staff evaluation project of the Wyoming Agreement`s public notice request.