Merger Agreement Sample

Notwithstanding the approval of the shareholders and at any time prior to the filing, the presentation and registration of this Agreement may be deferred from time to time, by mutual agreement between the respective boards of directors of each of the constituent companies, and to the extent provided for in points (a), (b), (c) and (d) below, the merger may be discontinued: (5) The measures necessary for the completion of the merger by any of the entities concerned may be abandoned: a competent court requests it, either permanently or temporarily; or 1. On the day of the merger, all real estate, real, personal and mixed property, and all debts due to one of the constituent companies on any account, as well as for share subscriptions like all other elected shareholders and all other 4. In the event of a vacancy, on the day or after the merger, on the board of directors of the surviving company or in one of the offices, the vacancy shall be filled in the manner provided for in the instrument of incorporation of the surviving company or in its statutes. As noted earlier, the laws of ________ apply to the surviving society. From time to time after the date of the amalgamation, the amended instrument of incorporation of ABC is annexed to Schedule A and is included with the same force and effect as if it were presented in its entirety (Schedule A constituting the constituted instrument of incorporation of ABC, ____ainsi other amendments to Sections three, fourth and ninth, the instrument of incorporation of the surviving corporation is and will be the instrument of incorporation of the surviving corporation. In addition to the powers conferred on it by law, the surviving corporation has the powers listed in Schedule A and is subject to those provisions. From the date of the merger until a further amendment to the Law, Schedule A may be certified separately and separately from this Agreement as a founding instrument of the surviving company. 3. Immediately after the date of the amalgamation, the capital of the surviving corporation represented by its outstanding shares pursuant to Article VII of this Agreement shall be $_______ per share for each common share, par value $_____ per share and $___ for each share of abc preferred share in series $____. .