Roommate Agreement Gvsu

GVSU defines a successful cohabitation relationship as a resident who can live together safely and respectfully. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, clear communication and borders are important. The HRL Roommate Agreement helps residents set clear expectations, reduce conflict and improve communication on key issues that could lead to conflict. Individual leasing means that each person is only responsible for their part of the public spaces and their room. If your roommate does not return for the spring semester, you are not responsible for their payment. Talk to your roommate first about what`s bothering you. Often, problems can be simply highlighted by communicating directly with them. If that doesn`t work, talk to your AR or RLC and they can help you fix the problem. At the beginning of the semester, it`s important to be sincere and honest with your roommates when filling out the roommate agreement. We require each student to sign their own lease. What for? So if your roommate doesn`t pay rent, it won`t affect you! We offer 3 rental periods: 9 months, 10 months and 12 months. Ask our local team for the prices of each rental period.

We rent apartments according to the First Come First Serve basis, that is, the sooner you sign a lease, the more options you have! When it comes to roommates, you can fill your own apartment with anyone you want, but if you`re struggling to find roommates, we`ll be happy to try to help! Another common disorder among roommates is the sharing of personal belongings. The purpose of this section is to allow for a discussion of what will be released and which elements will not be released. One colocation contract is required per unit. Please read this document and discuss these topics with your roommates (and/or roommates) before completing it. After your interview, take 15 to 20 minutes and sit down with your roommates to carefully fill out this form. Once completed, it will be forwarded to your AR and LCD for verification. In the event that one or more residents receive a new roommate or a dispute arises between roommates, residents are invited to review this agreement or start a new one. By signing below, I confirm that the information provided is correct and has been determined by all roommates in the unit.

I acknowledge that all roommates are required to abide by the terms of this co-tenancy agreement. I assume responsibility for re-filing an updated agreement if conditions change during the semester. I understand that Housing & Residence Life considers the last colocation agreement filed as the current agreement, regardless of the roommate who submitted it. Housing & Residence Life defines a successful cohabitation relationship as one in which individuals live together safely and respectfully….