Uiuc Housing Agreement

The application form is only a request to declassify your housing contract for the academic year, which is reviewed by the Contract Cancellation Committee (CCC). The CCC meets every Wednesday, with decision/email notifications being sent to residents every Friday. A resident is only officially exempted from their contract when they have received a written notification/email from the Department of Residence Life (DRL). A resident should never enter into additional off-campus leases until they are formally notified by DRL of their release. You will be assigned a PO Box and you will receive a PO Box key upon check-in. You share a voicemail with your cluster/roommate. Registered letters and parcels are kept at the counter for pickup. You will receive an email notification if you are waiting for a package at your office. You need your i-card if you claim your item. Packets are kept for 10 days and then returned to the sender if they are not claimed. Parcel pickup times will be posted at the reception of your building. The email is sent directly to the mailbox assigned to the occupant.

In order to ensure timely delivery of mail, shippers must use the full name, room number and current building, as well as the correct postal address to be found under housing.uic.edu/halls. We will ask you to verify your administrative details, including mobile phone number and address. To update your emergency contact information, go emergency.uic.edu. To update your missing persons and contact information, visit housing.uic.edu/dock and click on « Contact information > missing persons » in the sidebar. In the event that Campus Housing does not have candidates awaiting assignment or does not have a waiting list for the type of space, a resident has the opportunity to identify a non-resident student who has not already applied for accommodation to resume their contract, including (but not necessarily) the allocated space. These students must meet the admission requirements set out in the housing application procedures. No contract may be resumed without the agreement of the competent administrator of the Central Housing Office. « We have concocted this process to always allow for a six-month housing declaration, but a 30-day contract process in which you are bound by the contract after 30 days, » Sealine said. Limited access to room objects is allowed when the buildings are closed for breaks.

After the end of the school year, the exterior locks on the front door will be modified so that only employees and temporary residents and their guests have access to them. During breaks, residents are asked to remove valuables from their rooms. Temporary accommodation is only available on a limited basis during the semester holidays. Information on the availability and rates of temporary accommodation will be available towards the end of each semester. You can find precise intermediate rates in housing.uic.edu/interim….