Vehicle Sale Agreement Form Kenya

All the necessary information is recorded in the sales contract in order to avoid problems related to the sale of the cars in question in the future. Full legal names, national identification or passport number and physical address. A sales contract is a legally binding written contract for both the seller and the buyer, which contains accurate information about the car for sale and the envisaged change of ownership. All this information is duly recorded, verified and signed with witnesses from each party in evidence. Different sections of the sales contract are listed and elaborated below. Download the purchase contract from here. The seller confirms that the car has no fees, penalties or state taxes that were not charged at the time of sale. However, if it still seems too tiring to make your own deal, please scroll down and choose from one of our 5 free downloadable car contract templates for your car purchase. Below are 5 free and printable template templates for car sales agreements to make it easier for you to get in? A car purchase contract is therefore a contract under which a vehicle is sold. It records the transaction between the seller and the buyer, the details of the vehicle and sketches the conditions for transferring ownership of the vehicle. Here is the complete information about the car sold. Type of car, manufacture and model, color, year in which it was manufactured. The license plate, engine number, chassis number and mileage are legible in the journey log.

These vehicle details are available in the journey log and must match what is indicated on the car itself. If you would like to create your own bespoke sales contract, please find out more. A simple car sale document identifies the following fundamental elements: a sales or sale contract is a legal contract that obliges a buyer to buy and a seller to sell a product or service. Sales contracts are most often used to conclude the interests of both parties before the conclusion of a transaction. This is the case of a scenario in which the buyer wants to pay a sum of money as acomphes to secure the vehicle and the balance at a given time. Both parties must sign the amount in the form of an acompt; they must give their consent. Here are some of the cheapest cars in Kenya This section states that the seller does not have a warranty for sale. The buyer is free to carry out due diligence before making the purchase.

Once you have found or customized the vehicle sales contract that suits you best. Go stories and print in three copies. Fill out all copies and sign them with the seller/buyer. Concluding a car purchase contract is simple and is recommended. Although the negotiations may be over, it is important to punctuate the i`s and cross the t`s. . . .